UK Division

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The Showercoil is the perfect companion for Overland expeditions. Our unit is so small and compact when packed away it falls into the “weight is the essence” category most overlanders strive for.

Overlanding is about the outdoor life, cooking and sleeping in the great outdoors miles off the beaten track. As most overlanders have a bbq or camp fire on the go our showercoil is the best way to get hot water to freshen up after a long day of driving. Light the BBQ, cook the food then chuck the coil in the coals and bingo a nice refreshing shower or warm water to do the dishes. Also very useful for washing out small items of clothing such as underwear or socks. If the bbq is not on the go then you can revert to the gas stove as a method of heating the water.

A roof rack and a showercoil make the perfect combination for overland travel and your dailly personal hygiene